Drawing the Line was formed in Warwickshire in 1993 as a freelance technical illustration and CAD draughting resource. The DtL associates backgrounds are firmly rooted in engineering in various areas, hence the tag line "Drawing from experience".


Technical illustration has extended to the production of instruction manuals, whilst the graphics side has also built up including photography, photo-manipulation, which can, in turn, be applied in conjunction with CAD-based 3D visualisations.

Technical and general authorship also enables us to offer creation of press releases and newsletters... Oh and we do cartoons.

A well-rounded mix of abilities, all drawing from experience.

What we can do for you

Images are a vital and instant source of information for use in presentations, instruction manuals and product literature. The images on the pages in this site demonstrate the capacity available at Drawing the Line for the creation of exactly the right image for your purpose.


Exploded diagrams
have always been a key part of technical and instruction manuals. We can create these for you from photographs, measurements taken on-site or imported CAD drawings. We have a comprehensive CAD facility and can access the majority of the current popular disciplines.
Sketch diagrams
are an important part in the explanation of a process, often proving to be clearer and easier to interpret than photographs.
Rendered images
are the full colour version of the traditional line image. Again, where clarity is required, a simplified but full colour and shaded image, a “virtual product” illustration can be more effective than, and preferable to, a photograph. Rendered imagery has the additional advantage of being, once created in CAD, flexible in that it can be seen in a variety of directions without needing to be re-drawn
Cartoons and book illustrations
are also part of the range of drawing services from Drawing the Line.
Product manuals
we can create your manual all the way through from scratch to a commercial print file. We can import your text or assist you in creating it with the layout being carried out using mainstream DTP software. Apart for the necessary line illustrations, we can also provide a product photography facility to complete the service.